Saturday, January 9, 2010

ALLAH words is for MUSLIM

Yesterday and today we, malaysia jarred with
fire involving a few church in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
Why this happen. Sometime i been thinking about what will happen
with Malaysia muslim in the future. As a muslim,
we should protect our religion from being humiliated by others religion believer.
I as muslim condemn as hard as hard its that attack. As muslim, i know that attack is not from muslim that know about religion. This happen when court ruled Herald can use
word ALLAH for their magazine n others. Firstly i dont know what is Herald.
When court made decision about this, i know that Herald have others agenda, to destroy in islam malaysia. That was suck man. From my reading, ARTICLE 11 the reason why Herald win at the court. Suck ARTICLE 11. As we know, in Malaysia islam is official religion.
They know n should respect about that matters. As finishing of this written, i give some picture related to this written.

1. Protest at Masjid Negara

2. Church burn at Desa Melawati

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