Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wayne Bridge vs John Terry

Man City beat Chelsea at the Bridge. Good performance from

ex MU n Liverpool, Tevez n Bellamy make them win in comfortable

win. 4-2 win again Chelsea.What a wonderful day for City. 2 goal

from both Tevez n Bellamy n Chelsea from Lampard make the game hot.

Also 2 red card for Chelsea make the game wonderful. Before start

the game Wayne Bridge snub Terry shakehand make the game

interesting to watch. Red card for J.Beletti n Ballack make Chelsea

sufferd. After 15 min played, Beletti has given red card after challenge

again Barry in the box. Its penalty. Ballack got second yellow card.

In other game Arsenal win 3-1 over Stoke City but Aaron Ramsey

suffered broken leg. More news at EUROSPORT. My 'faveret'

sport news.

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